Selling a Car

  • Best price guarantee.
  • Door step inspection.
  • Hassle free and immediate settlement.
  • Option of PARK AND SELL available.
  • Your car will be sold to genuine buyers.
  • Assistance in coordination of loan closure, if your car has a loan.
  • Post sales documentation assistance (Transfer of Ownership, Insurance, details will be provided).
  • JEE JAY maintains a record of all transactions done by it. This can be accessed by our customers to validate the transactions if queried by any Authorities at a later date.

Buying a Car

  • Buy Quality Used Cars of any brand.
  • Each car passes through 169 quality check points to give you the best quality.
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Exchange Benefits

  • Best price for your car, transparent evaluation.
  • Your car goes in to the right hands.
  • Clean documentation.
  • Give us your car details.
  • Get your old car valuation done for free.
  • Review estimated evaluation.
  • Exchange your car with a branded car!.


If buying a used car can be complex, getting finance to fund the purchase can be even more complicated. Are the interest rates being offered, the best you can get? Can you do with a slightly lower down payment? Are there any hidden charges? What is a flat rate? What is diminishing rate? When you come to JEE JAY you will have an answer to all these questions and a lot more…

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Because at JEE JAY you have..

  • Wide range of financing options.
  • Wide range of Financing Institutions and Banks we have tie-ups.
  • Preferred interest rates for JEE JAY customers.
  • Loan tenures up to 5 years.
  • EMI as subject to banking.
  • EMI as low as Rs.2,350/- per month.
  • FAST processing of loan – SUPER FAST delivery of Car.
  • Funding available up to 95% of car value* (T&C).
  • All Loan documentation under one roof.
  • Door step documentation assistance available on request.
  • Top-up your existing loan with assistance of JEE JAY. (T&C).
  • Post disbursal assistance available (Transfer of Ownership, Hypothecation, Insurance of car etc.)
  • Assistance in loan closure if required during tenure of loan.


An insurance cover for your car provides you with total peace of mind as it takes care of any liabilities arising out of accidents, thefts, floods and other natural calamities etc.

There are two types of insurance covers for your car

  • Comprehensive.
  • Third Party Liability.

We would advise you to take a comprehensive package as it takes care of all types of liabilities, and it costs only 3 to 4 percent of your car value.